French Country Kitchen and Design

Designing a French country kitchen isn’t as hard as some may think because it just involves the right guidance and pieces, which are both easy to come by. The first thing is to identify the elements that would normally grace a French kitchen, as well as the color palettes that would be true to the design scheme and to your own personal taste.

French country kitchen cabinets should have a distressed finish to make it appear older and thus, authentic. The preferable palette would be that of pastels, creamy whites, buttercup, and the like. Also, replace a few, if not all of the upper cabinet doors with glass inserts, and consider dressing them with sheer curtains on their inner side.

French country kitchen decor is also referred to as shabby chic decor and is capable, due to its elements, to handle a busy household without too much concern. It’s not only beautiful and timeless, but also child friendly because it isn’t perfect to begin with, as it is already designed to look worn, so a few bumps or nicks would only add character.

French country kitchen design begins with the cabinets, and moves onto the furniture, like the table and chairs. Pine would be a great choice, as it is a more “casual” type of wood. It is soft enough to benefit from further wear and tear, to lend more to the beauty of a French kitchen.

Anywhere you look, French country kitchen ideas always include beautiful curtains that are in keeping with this style. Lace curtains, hung from the midway point of the windows would be reminiscent of Parisian bistros, a very sought after style, but other fabrics and prints would also look fabulous.

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What would a French country kitchen be without a chalkboard! Definitely include this element into the design, either in a frame mounted on the wall, or an entire feature wall, which is easy to create using a special paint. Pay attention to the sink because it will say a lot about the French kitchen, so either find a salvage or choose from new models, like apron-front sinks that are attractive and easy to find.

Then, choose a faucet that would complete the sink, thereby tying it all in together judi slot online. A suggestion would be to remove the cabinet doors beneath the sink and replace them with a curtain, which is commonly found in French kitchens.

Accessorizing the space is crucial to completing the statement you want to make. As in many French country kitchens, you may want to add a rooster, which is a staple in this design, but not absolutely necessary. The important thing is to choose dainty accessories, light fixtures, hardware, glassware, tableware, and cutlery. If it is going to look authentic, every detail must be in tune with the modern French country kitchen.

A black and white checkered floor, either in linoleum, vinyl, or porcelain tiles would ideal for such a kitchen. Finally, don’t forget the artwork! Framed French posters or art will complete your room successfully. Voila.

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