White Kitchen Cabinets and How To Paint Them

You can use white kitchen cabinets to create an elegant and modern look for your kitchen. In fact, white is the most popular color for kitchen cabinets. Many designers use white to create a look that is open and inviting, especially when you want to make your kitchen look spacious. You do not even have to spend a fortune in order to create the perfect white kitchen cabinets. Whether you want antique white kitchen cabinets or off white kitchen cabinets, you can get just the look you want when you know how to paint kitchen cabinets white.

One of the first things you need to remember when painting kitchen cabinets white is to prepare. This means you make sure you have all supplies and other equipment on hand. Of course, you will need paint, but you will also need other supplies such as drop cloths, lacquer, sand paper, sanding sponges, a paint sprayer (which you can rent), lint free cloths, painter’s tape, brown paper and a painting mask.

You may also need other equipment such as wood putty, a screw driver, a cordless drill and a small compressor. However, these things tend to be necessary if you plan on giving your home a professional paint job. In any case, you will definitely need to cover everything you do not want to be painted. If you have anything that is not nailed down or sealed, you can move it to the middle of the room or even out of the room so that it is not damaged.

You can make the job easier by disassembling the cabinets in order to paint them, but this may be optional if you do not have much experience with carpentry or you do not know if you will be able to successfully put your cabinets back together. This will be much easier if the cabinets are not already installed because you will need to paint both the front and back of the cabinet doors. You can also consider using a paintbrush instead of a paint sprayer if you feel this will be easier.

When you paint, you have to remember to be patient because you are applying multiple coats of both paint and clear coats for shine and finish. Furthermore, you may end up having to correct a few mistakes with the sand paper and sanding sponges. When you have to sand down mistakes, you have to wait until the paint is completely dry before taking this step. You also need to make sure the paint is completely dry on one side before turning over doors to finish the job.

Once you have finished painting your white kitchen cabinets, you can reassemble them if you had to take them apart. You can then enjoy the fruits of your labor. Remember that you can go with various shades of white including bright white, buttercreme, crème, linen and vanilla. If you are unsure how it will look, you can find samples to make sure you get the perfect shade.

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